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Digital Office Solutions 2017: Guide in Choosing the Best Office Equipment and Supplies


When it comes to business, it is a must to invest in good quality supplies and equipment to make sure that everything goes smoothly from simple paperwork to complicated photo presentation and marketing documents. The basic office supplies and equipment include printer, fax machine, copier, bond papers, pens, fasteners, sticky pads and others. Before purchasing your office supplies and equipment, it is important to consider important details so you won't end up with a malfunctioning copier, printer or fax machine especially when you needed them most.


When purchasing your minolta printers, you have to assess and find if you need to print a lot of pictures, or merely texts, because there is a dedicated laser printer for photos or graphics, and textual content can go for a decent inkjet printer. The total cost of ownership must be calculated such as toner replenishment, and maintenance cost. Check for the manufacturer's estimate of page yield or the total number of pages that can be printed before its cartridge runs out of ink, so in that way, you can also estimate the average cost per page, but remember not to compromise the quality over the cost. You might want to invest in multi-functional printer that has a scanning ability to allow you scan documents and photos, for digital file conversion so you can store them on your computer, as well as be able to them with your colleagues, friends and clients. There are also wireless networking built-in features apart from USB cable so they are accessible to anyone in your team. Consider the printing speed, especially if you're always on the rush with deadlines, and you always have bulky pages to print everyday. 


When choosing leasing office equipment, it is  best to find one that is all-in-one, which includes copying, printing, scanning, downloading, faxing and emailing, to eliminate need to purchase individual equipment to do the job, thus reducing operation cost particularly in your electricity bill. You have to take into consideration the print speed, print volume and graphic quality and capabilities when choosing a digital copier. As compared to standard copier, digital copiers can print as many as 100 pages per minutes, and can hold 500 sheets in a tray and two or more cassettes accommodating more than 2,000 sheets. Deluxe or high-end digital copiers have the capability to reproduce the exact appearance of any material, may it be a physical document or one that has been created through different platforms of compatible software.


If you want to still use a fax machine, consider the speed, memory, total cost of ownership, printing quality and advanced features. For more information about digital office solutions, feel free to visit our website or contact us directly.You can also learn more about digital office equipment by checking out the post at